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If there’s something we missed, feel free to ask us by sending an email to events@ambitenergy.com.

All Ambit Energy consultants who want to grow their Ambit business should attend.

For the first time ever, AMBITION will be a virtual, online experience. We are excited about this history-making event and believe it will be informative, inspiring and enjoyable. As always, we will have exciting announcements, great trainings, exceptional speakers and recognition of your success.
The schedule of events, speakers, recognition and more can be found on EventCenter.
Because AMBITION is the most important Ambit event of the year, we want to make it possible for as many people as possible to participate. After an extensive review and analysis of logistics, health and safety concerns, feedback from consultants, and both Ambit and Vistra corporate policies, we’ve moved to a new virtual experience that will be like no other event!

AMBITION begins Thursday, September 17 when sign-in opens and concludes Saturday, September 19. Please watch for the schedule of events for complete details and specific times for speakers, trainings and events. Be sure to check back often as it is updated regularly.

  • AMBITION 2020 can be accessed directly via EventCenter – events.ambitenergy.com. You must check in using your consultant ID number starting on Thursday, September 17.
  • Consultants can stream AMBITION through their computer, tablet, smartphone, projector, or TV.
    • Mobile Device - Need access to either a strong 4G or LTE signal, or a Wi-Fi connection with at least 2 Mbps.
    • PC/Laptop - Full HD requires Internet connection with at least 2.5 Mbps.
    • Project/TV - Connect your computer directly to the projector/TV or use Chromecast/Apple TV.
If you’re having trouble registering online, please double check your consultant ID number and then reach out to our consultant support team by calling (877) 302-6248.
If you encounter problems checking-in on EventCenter, please contact consultant support at (877) 302-6248 between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT. Once you’re checked-in, you will be directed to the livestream. You must check-in to each session on EventCenter to receive credit for the event and so you're eligible for any applicable promotions, discounts, etc.
  • Step 1: On Thursday, September 17, visit events.ambitenergy.com/live. Here you will validate your registration by using your PowerZone credentials. You will receive a confirmation email after you verify your registration credentials. If you haven’t registered yet, you will also have the ability to do so here.
  • Step 2: After validating your registration you will be taken to the live event page. You will now create your username and password that allows you to watch the event. Congrats, you are now an official attendee!
  • Step 3: Visit events.ambitenergy.com/live each day to verify your attendance and watch the event.
The price for AMBITION is now $99 USD per person.
All consultants currently registered for AMBITION will receive a refund for the difference of what they paid and the new $99 ticket price.

U.S. consultants will be issued an Ambit branded prepaid debit card with funds equal to the refund amount due to the purchasing consultant.
  • Three options for the consultant when they receive their debit card
    • Activate and spend prepaid debit card
    • Use the Wirecard website to transfer refund to a bank account (login.wirecard.com)
    • Call and request a paper check if needed
  • Benefits of a prepaid debit cards
    • If lost, Wirecard will send a replacement card 1 time at no cost
    • There is a maintenance fee of $3.50 per month for months 7-12. However, Wirecard will reverse these fees upon customer request as a courtesy
  • Wirecard Contact Info
    • Full access to a dedicated support line at 877-483-3028, available 24/7
    • login.wirecard.com
canadian consultants will receive a refund for the difference of what they paid and the new $99 ticket price directly back to their credit cards.
  • Hilton Anatole – If you have booked a sleeping room at the Hilton Anatole, contact the hotel directly at 1-800-955-4281 to cancel your reservation.
  • Omni – If you have booked a sleeping room at the Omni Dallas, and did so through the Ambit block, the hotel will be cancelling your reservation on your behalf. Any deposits will be refunded within 2 – 3 business days. If you need to contact the hotel you can do so at 1-800-843-6664.
Ticket transfers are available through September 14 only. Ticket transfers will not be allowed when we re-open registration.
A check in process will be available through Ambit EventCenter on September 17 – September 19. You will need to be registered and check in to each session of the event to be eligible for any applicable promotions, discounts, and other benefits of attending AMBITION.
Ambit is not officially encouraging watch parties or large gatherings for AMBITION. We always urge you to comply with your state and local regulations and CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene.
The only refunds submitted for AMBITION 2020 tickets will be those for the difference in the live event ticket price explained above.
The virtual event will be available in Spanish. We will also be holding an additional Spanish breakout session. Please check the schedule for details.
ASL Interpretation will be provided.
No audio recording, video recording or photography is allowed at any corporate-sponsored event without the express written permission of Ambit Energy. Photography (mobile phone or camera), web streaming, video recording and sound recording of any kind are strictly prohibited during all sessions. Attendees found to be in breach of this policy will not be allowed to access the remainder of the event.
We understand there might be consultants unable to watch the event live due to religious reasons. If this applies to you, please contact consultant support and we will provide you with access to a replay of the event. Please note this only applies to consultants who check-in to AMBITION on EventCenter starting Thursday, September 17.
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