It Pays to Promote

The road to becoming an EC is challenging, and it’s the goal for many Consultants. But, for those who choose to take this next step in their Ambit journey, the experience both pushes them to their limits and is ultimately rewarding. Earning the title of EC is not only fulfilling but exciting. The EC Fly-in program is Ambit Energy’s way of thanking our newest promoted Executive Consultants on their well-deserved achievement.

Eligible EC Fly-in attendees will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Dallas, complete with a corporate tour, amazing meals, exciting networking events and time to hear from corporate executives and top field leaders. Our ECs put in the time and energy to make Ambit the best brand in the business, and now it’s our turn to show them some love. Because at Ambit Energy, our ECs don’t just shine, they shimmer.

We want you to take part in next year’s EC Fly-in and be that much closer to becoming a National Consultant. The next step in your Ambit journey is ready to be taken.

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